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Posted by WDesm on Nov 8, 2010
XBLA Indie Preview: Epic Dungeon

XBLA Indie Preview: Epic Dungeon

Much earlier this year, we had a chance to talk about ColorBox, a rather innovative puzzler from indie company Eyehook.  Eyehook is back with their latest offering, and they’ve had a chance to showcase Epic Dungeon, which will be available early December 2010 for 80 MS Points on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.  Epic Dungeon is a roguelike that includes branching story choices in its encounters, and if you’ve been paying attention to XBLIG, Roguelikes are an especially rare breed; this one is even more tantalizing because of the unique features it promises to add to the genre.

Take a look at these screencaps and the following trailer, and prepare to get excited for the upcoming “Indie Games Winter Uprising”!

In brief, Epic Dungeon is an action roguelike with story elements.  It includes 4 playable classes, full character development (stats, equipment, skills), and 50 randomly generated levels with traps, secret doors, etc.  The story elements (encounters) are probably the most unique aspect of the game.  They a presented as optional events that the player can activate as he/she descends into the depths of the Epic Dungeon.  Each encounter features multiple branching paths, which can (for example) be affected by the player’s choices, the player’s class, or the player’s stats.

Epic Dungeon is being released as part of the Indie Games Winter Uprising along with several other high quality titles, in an attempt to put indie games back on the Xbox map.

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  1. Jigsaw hc says:

    That looks pretty awesome!

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